Yoga is

What is yoga?

Yoga is for everybody.

Recently, someone said to me that yoga is a good idea because everyone needs to stretch more. Honestly, this made me cringe.  Of course, yoga involves stretching and that is good but it is not the primary point of a yoga practice.  On the flip side, people often say they cannot do yoga because they aren’t flexible.  Some of this comes from the western world view of beautiful women twisting into unreal poses and hanging upside-down all afternoon.  Why are you comparing your experience to hers?  Do you know where she started or the work she has put in to get there?  Or the number of times she fell over before the pic was taken?  How about congratulating her.  She looks amazing and I love her yoga mat!

In the simplest terms yoga brings these elements together: meditation, breathing, movement and service. How you pursue and experience them is your choice.  For example, I have been told “I can’t do yoga because I can’t sit still; it’s too calm.” First of all, maybe stillness is exactly what you need in your life but that topic will be for another day.  If a slow-paced yoga is not your cup of tea, then how about Vigorous Vinyasa Flow/power yoga to strengthen muscles?  Most people that make these assumptions know little about the vastness of yoga and personal design of a yoga practice.  You may not WANT to do yoga but you CAN do yoga.

How about before you decide you learn what Yoga is.  The word yoga means “to yoke” or “union.”



Yoga is meditation

Yoga is becoming aware

Yoga is strength

Yoga is service

Yoga is mindfulness

Yoga is acceptance

Yoga is perfectly imperfect

Yoga is being closer to the Divine

Yoga is balance

Yoga is practice

Yoga is choices

Yoga is vast

Yoga is private

Yoga is sharing

Yoga is gratitude

Yoga is forgiveness

Yoga is art

Yoga is movement

Yoga is growing

Yoga is individual

Yoga is community

Yoga is continuing

Yoga is energy

Yoga is rest

Yoga is active

And Yoga is flexibility


The interesting thing about that last one is I am not speaking of just your muscles but also your world view and the openness of accepting the ideas of others.  There are several online yoga websites.  I practice at home through YogaGlo.  I also have three yoga classes for you here and a seated meditation for you here.  As always, check with your doctor before beginning a new movement routine.