Good Morning Yoga!

I enjoy the comfort of the morning routine and that includes my morning yoga. I am an artist and business owner. My mind is all over and working on the next big thing most of the time. My routines keep me grounded and organized. One of these being my morning meditation, just three minutes of quiet. I also appreciate some range of motion and movement to work out the occasional stiff feeling in the morning as I get older (ouch! did I really just type that?).

Need an easy yoga practice to get the body going in the morning? Here is Good Morning Sequence that can be done while the coffee is brewing! It begins with some range of motion followed by some light core work that we all need. Please remember to check with your doctor if needed before making any changes to your exercise plan. If you have questions or need help on your yoga or health and wellness journey email me! You can also join our Facebook Group: RedLife: Art, Food & Yoga. See the button below to download a pdf of the practice.

Another great option is to try my 21-Day Yoga Challenge at RedLife Yoga & Wellness