Paint a pumpkin and owl with me

2 projects


Pencil and eraser


6×6 gallery edge canvas block

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold (Golden Acrylics) (optional, Burnt Sienna mixed with a bit of water will work)


You could purchase each color listed separately  to use what I am using and to build your color collection.  Another option is to purchase either set below for coloring mixing, or use what you already have.  For more information and purchasing check out the post on Art Supplies.  The links below take you to Amazon.

Paint Sets Options

Liquitex Basic Starter Set (12)

Liquitex Basic Starter Set (48)

Golden Acrylics Starter Set (10) (Artist Quality)

Individual Paint Colors Used

Titanium White

Cadmium Red (or a warm red)

Diarylide Yellow (or a warm yellow)

Dark Purple

Dark Brown

Burnt Sienna

Teal/Aqua (or make your own with a Pthalo blue, a bit of yellow and white)

Brushes  (check out the art supply page for info on buying brushes)

Medium Bristle Flat/Square

Medium Taklon Flat/Square

Small Taklon Flat/Square

Small round

Pumpkin & Black Bird

Any size gallery edge canvas block (I am using 3×3)

All of the above paint and Black

Paint Happy!

painting of a pumpkin and owl

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