Watercolor Carrot Greeting Card

I have been on a carrot kick lately. They are so fun to paint. I have also been painting watercolor greeting cards. They are short and sweet beginner projects I know you will love. Enjoy!

Additional Classes with Red

Paint Happy!

three little paintings of butterflies and flowers
painting of lavender field with art supplies
a watercolor painting of a field of lavender
a painting of a little cactus by Danielle E. Rush
watercolor painting of flowers by Danielle E Rush

Watercolor Pot of Flowers

Flowers make me happy! Paint this beginner-friendly watercolor pot of flowers.
ladybug painting by Danielle E. Rush
a greeting card with a carrot painted in watercolor and art supplies
painting of a pumpkin and owl

Hey Pumpkin!

monet Inspired acrylic painting class
A painting of a beach with a lighthouse
Mixed Media 2 Birds Class
Blue and orange art journal page by Danielle E. Rush
watercolor painted sphere
screen shot of zen flower art class