Strong Hips and Core

Strengthen your hips and core with a functional strength yoga class focusing on your hip strength and flexibility.  It seems everyone complains about “tight hips” or “tight hamstrings.”     Many people come to yoga to get “a good stretch” but the real benefits come from the mindfulness and the full body strengthening.  While flexibility should be part of your exercise plan, often the tight feeling is not a need to stretch but rather a sign that you need to strengthen your muscles.  This practice was created for that!  Danielle closes the practice with a hamstring stretches using a yoga strap, belt or tie.    Grab a yoga block, firm pillow, chair or stack of books to use as as props- if needed.  PLEASE go at your own pace, modify and make it your own.  For more information on classes and private coaching with me check out or you can email: 

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