Little Butterfly Painting in Acrylic

a butterfly painting for my Dad…

Spend the afternoon working on a butterfly painting on a 4×4 canvas block. This is a great beginner-friendly project and these cute blocks make great gifts. Have fun! I created three of these in complementary colors: purple & yellow, pink & green and blue & orange.  You will need the primary colors and white (blue, yellow and red) plus black and brown- if you’d like. Of course you can make black and brown with just the primary colors but it’s nice to have them for convenience sake.  I used three brushes, a bristled background brush, a very small square and a small round for details. I also had a black uniball pen on hand to add optional whimsy to your butterfly painting.  I suggest the supplies I use but you can get inspired and mix it up or use what you have on hand.   Below are some supplies available from Amazon that would be great.  If you have questions let me know.  Share your paintings in our Facebook Group: RedLife: Art, Food & Yoga

three little paintings of butterflies and flowers

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three little paintings of butterflies and flowers
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Suggested Supplies Available on Amazon

4×4 Canvas Blocks

Simply Simmons Bristle Brushes

Simply Simmons small flat/square Brushes

Simply Simmons Round Brushes

Purchase Liqutex Basics Starter Set