Circuit Workout #2

Grab your weights!

I love a Circuit-Style Workout!  They are fast-paced, easy to follow and keep me from getting bored.  Full-body workouts are more functional because they are more like the activities in our daily life.  Always move at your own pace and modify. Complete each exercise for 10 reps with no breaks in between.  I am using 8 lbs weights here but you can edit as needed.  This is just a guide.  Make it your own and have fun… how about playing some upbeat dance music?!?!

You have the option to complete the circuit 1-3 times.  When repeating take a one minute rest in between.  If you are going through the circuit 3 times and it isn’t that difficult or if you feel like the individual exercises are not that hard then maybe it is ti to use heavier weights.

10 deep squats w/ bicep curl
10 deadlift w/rows
10 front shoulder raise in static lunge
10 lateral shoulder raise in static lunge
10 pullovers on back
16 bicep curls (optional balance)

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